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About Biopharma Conclave

The Biopharma industry has shown rapid growth inthe last few years and is forecasted to become a $500 Billion industry by 2026 globally. In India, theindustry has witnessed substantial market growthwith a CAGR of 14.5% annually from 2021 to 2026reaching a market size of $ 8.6 billion in 2022. IndianBiopharma industry players have emerged as one ofsignificant players in the world with a focus on newtechnologies in different fields of the industry likeBiosimilars, Vaccines, and Cell and Gene Therapy.

The biosimilar industry in India has experiencedrapid growth and gained international recognitionfor its development and manufacturing capabilitiesover the past few years. Given the vast patientpopulation, increasing disease burden, and risinghealthcare costs in India, the promotion ofbiosimilars as affordable alternatives has becomeintegral to the country's public healthcare policy.

After the worldwide misery of COVID-19, theimportance of vaccination and vaccines hasdeveloped two-fold and the vaccine industry in Indiais projected to reach a whopping 2.69-billion-dollarin 2023. The Government of India (GOI) is currentlylaunching various campaigns, such as the UniversalImmunization Program (UIP), to increaseimmunization coverage againstvaccine-preventable diseases in the country. This,along with the growing health awareness amongthe masses, represents one of the key factorsdriving the market in India.

The Cell & Gene Therapy track will be held for oneday on 11th of October 2023 where the conferencewill focus on the developments and advancementsof the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) industry, aimedat bringing together experts, professionals, andstakeholders from India and around the globe.